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Art Deco Petits Fours (48 units 0.40oz)

SKU Petits Fours
​Selection 6 eye catching petits fours created with exceptional flavors . Ready to be served after only 2 h defrosting
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Product Details

A tray of 48 petits fours

8 Choux with crumble, caramel cream milk chocolate
8 Cocoa biscuits, crunchy chocolate with fleur de sel,
chocolate cream
8 Crumbles, raspberry jelly vanilla mousse
8 Coconut biscuits, coconut cream strawberry jelly
butter cream
8 Coconut financiers, almonds mango passion fruit
compote, coconut flavored butter cream
8 Meringues covered with chocolate and hazelnut
gianduja chocolate mousse, chopped hazelnuts

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