Traditional Petits Fours (48 units 0.51oz)

$ 76.80

6 Fraisiers (Joconde biscuit, strawberry jelly, buttercream).
6 Pistachio financiers, apricot jelly, chopped pistachio.
6 Almond lemon sponges, lemon jelly, lemon zest.
6 Chocolate éclairs, chocolate icing.
6 Opéra cakes (coffee soaked Joconde biscuit, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache, chocolate icing).
6 Chocolate crumbles, ganache and chocolate mousse, chocolate-coated cereal.
6 Crumbles, raspberry jelly, raspberry. 6 Cocoa tartlets, caramel ganache, caramelised pecan nuts.

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