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Our Story

My French Cuisine is owned and operated by a French American couple. We both have been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years. The kitchen is headed by the French wife recently arrived in the US, owned two restaurants in France. As for her American husband, he comes from the restaurant world, where he worked for over 15 years. It is with passion and compatibility that we manage our business every day.

Fleur ANDERSON( Chef & Co-owner)
Joseph ANDERSON ( Co-owner)

Why you should order from My French Cuisine


At My French Cuisine, we cook with love

Cooking is what makes us tick. Every day, we put on our aprons with great joy and passion to prepare delicious recipes.

A trip to France

French gastronomy near you

« My French Cuisine » will take you on a journey through the different regions of France with its traditional and local recipes such as boeuf bourguignon, bouillabaisse or French fries.

Fresh and homemade products

Freshly prepared food daily

Fleur and Joe take it to heart to select only fresh products and they favour local producers.

In addition, they put their know-how at your service to prepare gourmet recipes every day.

French fries


Find why our customer love our food